Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Hi my name is Sarah and I like to sing in the shower

The bae broseok tagged me

Name: Sarah 
Age: 16 
Gender: female 
Self photo: cause mobile
food(s): Sushi and mac and cheese ouo
Drink(s): Dr. Pepper and Arizona iced tea
Book(s): I love so many books but my faves are the Vampire Academy Series, The Fallen Novels, and the Born at Midnight series. 
Movies/TV: I friggen LOOVVEE supernatural, once upon a time, and for movies I love the avengers, super 8, divergent, and so many others
Band(s): All Time Low, Green Day, Asking Alexandria, Fall out boy, We the kings, We are the in crowd, MCR, jimmy eat world, etc. 
Other artists: eh
Siblings: Older sister
Dream job: Musician (vocals) or Photographer
School: High school in Jersey
Tattoo: I want a few 
Travel: I’ve been to Italy, the bahamas, and yea those are the biggest places.
Reason behind URL: An old friend of mine had a username like this on a different website and we parted ways but I use this now cuz I miss her and she really helped me through a tough time. 
Why you joined: Because Gloria got me into it.

SOOoOoOo I tag dickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and dickfinder cuz why not \(o.o)/ All the dicks.